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CFE Member Forum Introduction
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Please Note: By clicking through to the CFE Member Forums, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined below.


Access the Member Forums Page

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By entering this Forum you agree:
CFE accepts no responsibility for the recommendations, opinions and comments posted on this forum. Parties participating in this Forum and or offering such information or using such information bear sole responsibility and liability for the content of such information. I have reviewed the rules of the Forum and agree to follow them.

The purpose of the Transition Forum is help CFE members going through transitions to connect with other members. Posts that are determined to be offensive or use inappropriate language will be deleted. The writers of offensive posts will be blocked from the forum. We must respect our CFE organization and protect our members from vicious, inflammatory, or abusive messages. Members may email the moderator regarding transgressions either listed below or transgressions not covered by this list. Please remember that the moderator is a real person and is not responsible for postings.

The rules below should cover most common situations, CFE cannot anticipate everything. Consequently, CFE’s moderator reserves the right to take any actions deem appropriate to ensure that CFE Transition Forum and CFE members are not disrupted, abused or compromised in any way.
Herein are infractions that will not be tolerated and result in posting deletions and follow-up:
1. Abusive, off-topic messages, excessive foul language.
2. Ad hominem attacks including comments that celebrate death or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise.
3. Language that contains negative and abusive slurs against any group or demographic.
4. Lending your membership credentials to non-members for the purpose of using and/or posting in the Forum.
5. Uninvited mass solicitations .
6. Business Advertising.
CFE offers community-only forums. The forum is not a tool for users to advertise their business activities. The advertising of products or services that are for profit or that detract from general forum life, are not permitted.

Acceptable business advertising:

• you may use the Forum post to connect readers to your user profile page and/or link to your website.
• if a user contacts you off-forum, or requests that you contact them regarding the products or services you offer, please feel free to respond .

Unacceptable business advertising:

creating threads or posts that serve solely to promote your business, whatever that may be
the posting of prices, business names, phone numbers, URLs for your business
the explicit advertising of your business in your signature
emailing or private messaging of unsolicited material to forums user

7. Unsolicited Use or unpermitted use of Personal Information.
The collection and/or use of any forum user's personal information (email addresses, ISP usernames, identities, website URLs) for unsolicited marketing purposes (via private messaging, instant messaging, email, etc.) is unacceptable.

8. Posting content that infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights of others or applicable laws or regulations. Do not post others’ work and try to pass it off as your own authentic true content.

9. To prevent forums abuse, members who sign up to use CFE's forums are asked to validate their subscription via email. All users are required to have a valid email and phone number in their CFE profile, so that the forums team is able to contact you if required. Having an invalid or non-working email address will result in the suspension of your account.

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